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Lightness of being
Tracy Hanna 

@ Broadstone Studios
Preview 2nd of September 2007  at 6-8pm
Exhibition runs until 12th of September

The artist is interested in how we interact physically and cognitively with our environments.  She takes a primary action such as walking and explores movement through basic environments.  Hoping to understand her relationship with her environment a little better by thinking about how she begins to form an emotional relationship with a place and for her this is by movement within it.

She has made a number of installations investigating this and these have a disorientating, combinative effect in the gallery space.  The artist wished to create a space where the world is twisted up a little, as if she is showing an already perceived world.

This is the first solo exhibition by Tracy Hanna. She graduated from Fine Art in the DIT in 2007 and since then has exhibited in Ireland and in the UK.  Her work mixes a variety of media creating for the most part sculptural video installations.  She is based in Richmond Road Studios in Dublin.

This exhibition was awarded to her by FOUR and Dublin City Council as part of LAUNCH, she participated in Launch ’07. 

Broadstone Studios,
Hendron Building,
36 - 40 Up. Dominic St
Dublin 7
Opening hours: Tues – Sat  12-6pm

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