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Ella Bertilsson (SE/IRL), Owen Boss (IRL), Hannah Breslin (IRL), Cormac Browne (IRL), Miriam de Búrca (NIR), Gerbrand Burger (NLD), Andrew Carson (IRL), Alice Cattaneo (IT), Eleanor Duffin (IRL), Andrew Duggan(IRL), Oliver Gardiner (GB), Seamus Harahan (NIR), Kevin Kirwan (IRL), Katharine Lamb (IRL), Martina McDonald (IRL), James Merrigan (IRL), Ariane Pauls (GR/DE), Nicolas Ramel (FR), Liv Schulman (FR/AR) , Benjamin Tiven (US)

Premiere Screening Wednesday 15 July 2009 8-10pm
Screenings continue from the 21 - 24 July

FOUR presents PROJECTOR, a screening of video works by national and international artists selected by FOUR Director, Lee Welch, and Co-Curator, Angel Bellaran. Films screened at Four present a chance to view an eclectic range of moving image work, from films and videos.

Look What They’ve Done To My Song, Ma, 4:28 min, 2009
Andrew Carson’s (IRL) Look What They’ve Done To My Song, Ma explores the effects of disruption and alterations on the transference of meaning and knowledge when subjected to a series of semiotic shifts. The title and content derives from a song by folk musician Melanie Safka commenting on the divergence of cover songs from a writer’s initial intent.

Andrew Carson lives and works in Dublin, where he studied Fine Art at the Dublin Institute of Technology. Recent exhibitions include Around this House in Shoreditch, London (2009), FLOCK at Broadstone XL (2009) and Interprint 2008 an international symposium (2008). He is Vice-Chair of Broadcast Gallery.

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Floor Study #3, 1:22min, 2009
Oliver Gardiner's (GB) work is about space and visual perception. He experiments with depths, angles and the multiplicity of the frame. The structure of cinema becomes exposed revealing frames as they truly are, but keeping their infectious tendencies.The multiple frames dominate and the intense surfaces within the piece become a spectacle for the eye, your experience of the space is intensified.

Oliver Gardiner recently graduated from the University College for the Creative Arts with a First Class Bachelor of Fine Art in Video Art Production. Recent Shows include Photography and Video Exhibition, Candid Arts Trust (2008), BFI Film and Video Festival - Eat Our Shorts, London (2008).

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A/V Sketch #2 (Bad Breath), 3:05min, 2009
Nicolas Ramel's (FR) A/V Sketch#2 (Bad Breath) (2009) is part of an ongoing series of short video loops combining found film footage and audio, both harvested from the web in this case. By juxtaposing these two sources, Ramel aims to create open meaning(s), and perhaps some beauty.

Nicolas Ramel is an artist living and working in Paris. He completed the BA at the Edinburgh College of Art in 2000 and the MFA (DNSEP) at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Arts Paris-Cergy in 2009. His work has mainly been shown in France and Scotland.

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Twirling One 01:25min 2009
Martina McDonald‘s (IRL) Twirling One explores the relentless desire and struggle to re-fill emotional voids; to re-fill oneself. Through the subtle repetition and looping of this 65 sec. video, Martina offers the viewer an opportunity to become immersed in this almost hypnotic, unstable state.

Martina McDonald is an interdisciplinary visual artist and photographer from Kildare whose current practice includes sculpture, sound, video and installation. She recently graduated from NCAD Fine Art Sculpture, Dublin having studied also in Limerick and in the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Her current body of work is centred around human behaviour, desire and control.

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El Dorado, 6:00min, 2009
Liv Schulman‘s (FR/AR) El Dorado is a six minute film where two men in an empty pool academy seduce each other. They finally abandon themselves into a languorous Tango. The emphasis is on desire and how it fills the physical space. That evanescent moment where a world disappears in order to let appear a more fragile but interesting situation.

Liv Schulman is an artist living and working in Paris. She is presently completing her diploma at Ecole Nationale Superieure d‘Arts de Paris-Cergy. Recent exhibitions/ screenings include Festival Miden. Kalamata, Greece and Chapitre 5. Group show at the Abbaye de Maubisson. St Oeun l’Aumonne. France.

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9.8 meters per second part 1, 3:17min, 2009
9.8 meters per second is a series of video works by visual artist Andrew Duggan (IRL) with dance artist Cindy Cummings which looks at the idea and consequences of falling. part 1 is located in a two story semi detached house in a ‘pre-lived’ vacant housing estate in the very popular, ubiquitous, early 21 Century Irish Property ‘Developist Style’. The soundtrack is Ruth Etting's theatrical and tragic depression era '10 cent a dance'.

Andrew Duggan is based in the West Kerry Ghaeltacht. His [handball] project 'Present Perfect' will be presented across a number of spaces in NYC; The Irish Arts Centre, The Michael Steinberg Gallery and MoMA in 2010. He is currently undertaking a research project on the legacy of the Padraig Pearse cottage in Connemara.

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Before Sunrise, 3:22min, 2007
Seamus Harahan‘s (NIR) Before Sunrise is an experiment in response to On a Beautiful Day, a film made at the Berlin Wall by artist KP Brehmer in 1969. He was asked by a friend to retrace a walk and to record it on film. Harahan was asked by a fellow artist to do the same through Alexandra Park in North Belfast. He was given a super-8 camera and one reel of film. The camera leads the viewer to a peace line separating the neighbouring communities.

Seamus Harahan is an artist living in Belfast and works with video, film and sound. Recent exhibitions include Being British, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London (2009). The Munter Hitch, GTg, Belfast (2009). AWingBigCell, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York (2008). Nought to Sixty, ICA, London (2008). DONT PLAY MY... GAME, EVER AGAIN, Gimpel Fils, London (2008). Klankeffecten #1, MukHa, Antwerp (2008). The Instability of Truth, Smart Project Space, Amsterdam (2007). Samurai, Third Space Gallery,Belfast (2007). Holylands, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh (2006). 51st Venice Biennale, Artists from Northern Ireland, Venice (2005).

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Untitled, 3:22min, 2009
Kevin Kirwan‘s (IRL) Nature is our science fiction, it has become understood that it is only a matter of time before ‘nature will regulate us’ Encounters At The End of The World (Werner Herzog). Kevin Kirwan's work stems from a powerful admiration for the natural world and a yearning for empirical truth. This work presents nature as the hyper real experience it has become and as a blue print for our not so distant fate.

Kevin Kirwan was born in Dublin, Ireland 1985. He studied Fine Arts at the Crawford College of Art and Design from 2005-2007 and completed his studies at the National College of Art and Design with a BA in Fine Art Sculpture (2009). His work has been shown in group shows such as NCAD Graduate Show, NCAD (2009), BUSSTOPBUS, Dublin Food Co-Op (2008), Community Arts Practice, This Is Not A Shop (2008). Kevin Kirwan is the director of the Bayside Cinema Social, a group which meets and screens films for collective viewing and discussion.

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Lost Civilization, 9:00min, 2007
Gerbrand Burger‘s (NLD) Lost Civilization shows the ruined remains of a traditional Malay Kampong that has been reconstucted on Sentosa Island resort in Singapore. The accuracy of the copy and its educational value was clearly of minor importance than making of money with tourist industry. The irony of the current state of the reconstructed Kampong is that it's in serious decline, which makes the Kampong 'lost' twice. The public lost its interest and the Kampong has gone to waste.

Gerbrand Burger studied fine arts at Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, School of Visual Arts and Cooper Union in New York and recently participated in De Ateliers studio program in Amsterdam. This fall he will start his working period at Center for Contemprary Art in Kitakyushu, Japan.

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Passages, 1.45 min, 2007
Alice Cattaneo (IT) sets up a micro story that would explore the circularity of everyday life events. Therefore objects are organized in time and space creating a constellation of gestures and connective situations. These objects fluctuate between opposite directions and space is composed of the intersections of these mobile elements. The beginning and the end of this constructed situation auto-generate circular narratives where events intersect each other and objects contsly appear and vanish from the scene. This ephemeral aspect suggests a reflection on the vulnerability of reality.

Alice Cattaneo works and leaves in Milan. She studied at the Glasgow School of Art and the San Francisco Art Institute. In 2006 she attended the Ratti Foundation in Como, visiting professor Marjetica Potrc. She has exhibited in Galleria Suzy Shammah, Milan; Museo D’Arte Contemporanea Donna Regina, Naples, 2008 - Ikon Gallery, Birmingham; Special Project, Galleria Suzy Shammah, Art Forum Berlin, 2007 - Analix Forever, Geneva, 2006 - Concrete Particularities, Mission 17, San Francisco, 2004.

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A Coruña 01:30min 2006
Ariane Pauls‘ (GR/DE) A Coruña was shot during a trip from Rotterdam to Lisbon on a container ship. The container refuses to engage into the corresponding device, and thereby contradicts our idea of efficient procedures in a globalized world.

Ariane Pauls lives and works in Berlin. Exhibitions include The Process Room, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (2009), Twinset, Christchurch Gallery, New Zealand (2009), Freuden der Jugend III, Artnews Projects, Berlin (2008), Der Garten Eden, Kunsthalle in Emden, Germany (2008) and Goldrausch, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin (2007). She is currently participating in the Artists' Residency Programme at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. .

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Snæfellsjökull 00:51am, 3:00min, 2009
Eleanor Duffin‘s (IRL) Snæfellsjökull 00:51am is the documentation of an exercise in cataloguing the changing view of a stratovolcano on the most western part of the Snæfellsnes peninsula in Iceland. The untreated footage, emphasising the strange half-light of a midnight sun, allows the viewer a moment of unobtrusive pleasure of the imagination. Referencing ideas of the sublime in 19th Century painting, it is intended that the sedate observation of the scene invoke a 19th century lust for expedition.

Eleanor Duffin is an artist living and working in Dublin, Ireland. She graduated from NCAD in 2005 with a Masters in Virtual Reality. Having exhibited both in Ireland and internationally her work has most recently been shown in European Artists TV, Sweden(2008), Manystuff, Berlin (2008) and SIM Open Studio, Iceland (2009).

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Station, 3:15mins, Super-8 to video, 2008
Miriam de Búrca‘s (NIR) work is primarily concerned with the psychogeographical dynamics of territory. Station marks the moment when strongholds of power (and terror) finally become relegated to the filmic re-enactment, while simultaneously it questions our assumption of truth delivered to us by the highly malleable medium of film.

Miriam de Búrca is an artist living and working in Belfast. She completed the MFA at the University of Ulster in 2000 and is presently completing a practice-based PhD at the same University. Recent exhibitions/ screenings include AWingBigCell, Belfast Film Festival (2009), Do Not Touch When the Fire is Lit, 3rd Space Gallery, Belfast (2008), Passengers, Warsaw (2008), You and Me, Catalyst Arts, Belfast (2008), AWingBigCell, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York (2008) and AWingBigCell, Gimpel Fils, London (2008).

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The Argument, 2:05min, 2008
Katharine Lamb‘s (IRL) The Argument is a visual narrative that loosely tells the true story of an argument unknowingly recorded onto a mobile telephone message minder and then overheard. This work explores the vulnerability of our privacy due to technology. It is part of ‘Conflict’ which consists of three ‘filmic’ reenactments of specific encounters, looking at idiosyncratic behaviour.

Katharine Lamb is a Dublin based video artist. She recieved her MA from NCAD in 2007. She has exhibited in Play, Draiocht (2008), Tulca, Galway (2007), Group show, Galleri Barbara, Norway (2007) and The Square Root of Drawing, Temple Bar Gallery & Studios (2006).

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Untitled 06:02min 2009
Ella Bertilsson‘s (SE/IRL) Untitled explores time and memory in the context of a journey. By examining this journey through the notion that time is non-linear, the viewer begins to discover the way in which past and present interlink and become blurred. Questions also arise about how memories are formed and maintained over time.

Ella Bertilsson is a Swedish artist residing in Dublin that has recently graduated from NCAD with a degree in printmaking. Bertilsson's practice is essentially autobiographical and incorporates ideas around memories, stories and characters from her hometown of Umeå, Sweden.

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Delight of the Yearner, 2:00min, 2008
Benjamin Tiven’s (US) The Delight of the Yearner tells the story of a Rwandan refugee currently living in the Delamere Flats apartment complex in downtown Nairobi, Kenya, built in 1951 by the emigré German architect Ernst May. A young man named Hilary cooks dinner and narrates the story of his best friend Eric, who fled Rwanda as a child. As Hilary cooks, he re-enacts a film advertisement that May had produced in 1929 to sell his original apartments in Frankfurt, thus connecting the two narratives of emigration between the architect and the residents.

Benjamin Tiven is an artist and writer living in New York. He received an MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in 2007. He has exhibited in New York, Boston, and Toronto, and published articles in the magazines Bidoun, The Nation, and others.

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Untitled 10:10min 2009
Owen Boss‘s (IRL) Untitled, he visited Joan Kinsella, a distant relation that has appeared in a number of his family photographs. Joan entered the enclosed order of the Redemptoristine Nuns in 1947 at the age of 19 and has left the enclosure only a handful of times. The film features Joan’s daily task of making altar bread.

Boss lives and works in Dublin and is studying for his Masters of Fine Art at the National College of Art and Design. Exhibitions include Camera Obscura (2009), Punctum (2008), Tumbledowntown for Hotel Ballymun (2007), Pleasures and Wayward Distractions (2007) and Art and Possibility (2007). He has been awarded an Arts Council Bursary (2008), the Arts Council’s Artist in the Community scheme Project Realisation Award (2008).

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Pink Room I, 5:51min, 2009
Hannah Breslin‘s (IRL) recent video work is inspired, in part, by the Dogme '95 film makers. Pink Room I is performed in order to make an internal, intangible struggle into a physical one. The struggle is made real through this performed action and can be quantified by physical pain. Through the editing process small, but important, nuances are highlighted in order that they are not overlooked.

Hannah Breslin is an artist living and working in Dublin. She completed the BA in IADT-Dun Laoghaire in 2007. Recent exhibitions include, '...nothing without a woman' (2007), Ashford Gallery, RHA, Dublin and 'Durer and the Gallowglass, Antwerp, 1521,' (2008) Millennium Court Arts Centre, Portadown. Upcoming shows include 'Preponderance of the Small' (Sept. 2009), Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin.

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Sentence, 6:12min, 2009
Cormac Browne‘s (IRL) Sentence explores the phenomenon of humour and its emancipatory potential through the frame and structure of comedy. This piece is the culmination of an investigation into the dark side of comedy, particularly through its relation to death and gallows humour. The resulting thesis on humour is put to the test in the arena of the comedy club.

Cormac Browne is a visual artist based in Dublin. He received a BFA from NCAD, Dublin,a BA from UCD in Archaeology and Italian Lit, and is taking a half theory-half practice MA (ACW) at the same college in the coming term. Recent exhibitions include artisgoodforyou - distributed in the Liberties and IMMA, Monster Truck Gallery and the Blackchurch Print Studio in Dublin.

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The Following is Fictional..., 6:30min, 2009
James Merrigan (IRL) appropriates Charles Laughton’s Night of the Hunter (1955), he has cut a middle section of the film (the penultimate scenes of the narrative), and interrupted Laughton’s staging of religion and corruption in the American South with a scrolling text and audio, that perpetuates a “hick cliché” of the horror genre with an ironic tone.

James Merrigan completed an MFA at the National College of Art & Design, Dublin in 2008 and was awarded theNCAD Graduate Studentship, 2008. Recent exhibitions include It Goes On, Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, Dublin (2009) and previous solo exhibitions at Queen Street Gallery & Studios, Belfast and thisisnotashop, Dublin. Invited Artist for Birr Arts Festival, August 2009. Lives and works in Ireland.


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