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Curated by Sheena Barrett & Lee Welch

Curated by Mark Garry

Opening: Thursday 15 December 2007 6-9 pm
Exhibition continues from 15 December–20 January 2008

FOUR and The LAB are pleased to present LAUNCH, an exhibition supporting recent graduates.

LAUNCH was initiated to support young emerging Irish artists at an early stage in their professional practice. This year LAUNCH will help navigate the selected artists' careers with definition, giving them support and advice on artist statements, applications for grants, residencies and juried shows, along with practical information to gain public exposure and how to access galleries, museums and public spaces nationally and internationally.

This programme is significant in fostering and shaping the future of structures in place for graduates with the potential of strengthening the profile of the educational institutions themselves.

LAUNCH has a commitment to provide exposure to innovative and exciting artists, and to offer an important platform from which artists can develop their creative and professional practice. It is intended to promote opportunities and public discussion of new developments in young contemporary Irish art.


TRACY HANNA: Video installation / Performance
Dublin Institute of Technology

In her work Tracy Hanna deals with the psychological
effect of not being firmly sited in any one ontological space, real,
virtual or otherwise.

Exhibitions include:  Annual Student Show (Catalyst Arts, Belfast,
2007), Cloudbusting (Stone Gallery, Dublin), Stick a Fork in me I'm
Done, DIT Graduate Show (Dame Street Gallery & DIT Portland Row).

National College of Art and Design

Kevin Cosgrove creates humble paintings depicting labour, task, adventure and virtue.

Exhibitions include: Graduate Show (NCAD), Cloudbusting (Stone Gallery, Dublin)

SEAMUS DONOVAN: Painting / Installation
Institute Of Art, Design And Technology, Dun Laoghaire

Donovan's work investigates the nature of the human condition, exploring choice, perception and responsibility.

Exhibitions include: Autumn Show 2007 (Seahorse Gallery, Co Dublin), Graduate Show (IADT, 2007), I use my Easel To Hang My Hat (Concourse Hall, Dun Laoghaire), Lost Property (The Digital Hub), Mongrel (IADT, 2004).


MICHELLE HALL: Drawing, Photography, Animation, Collage
Dublin Institute of Technology

Michelle Hall’s animations combining new and traditional low-tech media create fantastical situations questioning processes of the mind.

Exhibitions include: Stick a Fork In Me I’m Done (DIT Graduate Show June 2007), RDS Student Art Awards (August 2007), Artisit? (group exhibition of international graduates, Galway, October 2007) and Mental Image (Project Ability, Glasgow, October/November 2007).

MICHELLE CONNOLLY: New Media, Video, Sculpture
Dublin Institute of Technology

Michelle Connolly's creates confrontational video-based pieces on monitors and projections.
Exhibitions include: Fusion (Fusion Boutique, Radio City, Dublin July 2007) and Stick a Fork In Me, I'm Done (Dame St. Gallery, Dublin 1 and St. Josephs Convent , Dublin 1, June 2007.

National College of Art & Design

Helena O’Connor creates video installations, using humor and strange props to explore the tension between reality, history and memory destortion.

She was chosen to showcase her work on the PlayStation website 2007-2008. In July Helena participated in a three-week residency in Como, Italy with Joan Jonas in association with Fondazion Antonio Ratti, with an exhibition to follow in Milan in November.

SOPHIE LINEHAN: Performance Art, Video, Sculpture.
National College of Art and Design

Using her sculptures Sophie Linehan extends contorts and controls the body, giving the body new meaning and powers while at the same time denying the body's natural position and purpose.

Exhibitions include: Strawberries and Cream (Fringe Festival, 2006), Out of Site (Dublin, 2006), Out of Centre (Rathmines Arts Festival, 2007).

Darragh O Callaghan externalizes internal thoughts through the use of the body and its surroundings in a way that brings a true honesty to the films,sounds and media she creates.

Exhibitions include: The Rise but not the fall (Iontas ,Co. Monaghan 2007), Bodycity (The Docklands, Co. Dublin 2007), I use my Easel to hang my Hat (Concourse, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin), Projected Weekends (The Digital Hub, Dublin 2007), Obscene (Cork Art Trail, 2006) and Solutions (The Lab, Foley Street, Dublin, 2006)
FIONA FULLAM: Video Art, Photography, Sculpture

Fiona Fullam creates thought-provoking DVD installations and photographs.

Exhibitions include: Signal Arts Centre, 2005, Eigse (Carlow), Sculpture in Context (Dublin), Duncannon Arts Centre (Wexford), Lemonstreet Gallery (Dublin), Impressions (Galway Arts Centre). She received an award at the RDS in 2005 and recently had work reviewed in Circa.

LINDA RAFFERTY: Video & Photography

Linda Rafferty’s video and photography is subtle, mysterious, ghostly, atmospheric, dark, and layered with meaning.

She has just completed her first solo show, "Presence,Absence" at the BookCube Gallery, Dublin. Her group exhibitions include, "I use my easel to hang my hat" (The Concourse Space, Dun Laoghaire, 2007) and "Solutions" ( The Lab, Dublin, 2006).

Seamus Donovan
Kevin Cosgrove
Tracy Hanna

Fiona Fullam
Linda Rafferty
Darragh O'Callaghan

Myrna Epstein
Sophie Linehan
Helena O'Connor

Michelle Hall
Marie Clinch
Michelle Connolly

FOUR is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and Dublin City Council.

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 12 to 5 pm

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