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Sketches for a Light/Heavy Monument

Gavin Murphy

Gavin Murphy

















Wednesday 29 November – Saturday 2 December 2006

Four is pleased to present Sketches for a Light/Heavy Monument, an exhibition of new work by Gavin Murphy. This ongoing series of works concerns the practice of the human tendency toward leaving ‘heavy markers’ - recording lives and achievements - versus the ‘lightness’ of actual existence, asking the question: which is better – lightness or weight? For this Murphy (re) creates existing and fictional monuments in the form of video works, photographic prints, text and sculptural assemblage.

A light/heavy monument is the artist’s term for an artwork that oscillates between the horror and the beauty in the continual death of the present and in the wish of its continual return - "das Schwerste Gewicht". The monument asks the viewer to slow down and look at things themselves, to return to the present again and embrace its passing.

The series forms part of a wider dialogue: a dialogue between the works themselves, a dialogue with the viewer of the works and a dialogue between generations of thought and representation. The narrative of the work hangs on a view of specific personal histories, resonant universal moments and the ‘possibility of unconditional revelation in the end of times of everything hidden in this world’.

Gavin completed his Diploma in Art in 1996 and Degree in Interactive Media in 2002, both with IADT where he is currently studying on the MA in Visual Arts Practice. He is a member of the art collective Mongrel Foundation, curatorial assistant at Pallas Studios and also works for Darklight Film Festival. He produced and co-curated ‘Darklight Compendium Vol. 1’, the 'Diverse Means' publication for Pallas and has contributed to The Visual Artists News Sheet. This is Gavin’s first solo exhibition.

To coincide with the Four show the artist will be exhibiting works in off-site locations, each for a one day period, 10am – 10pm.

Thursday 30th November: National College of Ireland, Mayor Street, Dublin 1, (Dublin Docklands).
Wednesday 6th December: Film Base, Temple Bar.

Supported by Film Base, National College of Ireland and Krombacher


All press images : Gavin Murphy, Monument, 2006, photograph, Courtesy of the artist.

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