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Archipalego and Other Stories

Ciaran Walsh

Gavin Murphy















27 July - 30 September 2006
Preview 27 July 6-8pm

Four is pleased to present Archipelago and Other Stories, an exhibition of new work by Ciaran Walsh. Walsh's work plays with imagined geographies and popular culture references to explore notions of escapism, confinement and the sense that perfection is always elsewhere.

The small scale representations of fictional places, architecture and situations mediate between these imagined personal landscapes and narratives, and a sensation of restraint experienced through the physical and social facts of external reality. Through sculptural and textual works that are often whimsical in tone, Walsh focuses on these deviations from the navigation of daily life in a manner that is both playful and despairing.

Graduating from Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology in 2003 and currently living and working in Dublin, Ciaran Walsh has exhibited in 'Haunted' in the City Arts Centre, 'Elsewhere from Here' in the Workroom, and 'Flagged' a part of the VISUALISE: Carlow public art programme. He has most recently exhibited as part of 'Imagined - Visions of Architecture' in The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon in June of this year and is presently working as curator for part of VISUALISE: Carlow's 2006/2007 programme. This is his first solo show.

All press images : Ciaran Walsh, Archipelago, 2006, Cromatico paper, adhesive vinyl, sheet plastic, cord, matrix boards, lights, Courtesy of the artist.

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